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MVCC: Medium Voltage Covered Conductors up to 36 KV

Medium Voltage Covered Conductors up to 36 KV

Medium Voltage Covered Conductors are designed to work on the steady characteristic of the scattering of power. The idea of a covered guide has been demonstrated to be incredibly practical and dependable. It comprises of a guide encompassed by a covering made of protecting material as insurance against unplanned contacts with other covered guides and with grounded parts, for example, tree limbs, and so on. Medium voltage shrouded guides are created in voltage ratings between 6.6KV to 33KV.
MV Covered Conductor (MVCC) is becoming one of the most mind-blowing substitutions of Over Head Bare Conductor (ACSR) and Aerial Bunched link in power transmission and conveyance framework in some regions of the planet. A Covered Conductor is widely utilized in voltage up degree projects running between 6.6KV to 33 KV.
Covered Conductors can work flawlessly with guide temperatures up to 80ºC and in destructive and exceptionally contaminated regions. The external coats of covered guides being UV safe, it very well may be utilized in high UV radiation regions. Covered Conductors satisfy the requests in an outrageous cold climate with weighty snow and ice load.


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  • Diminished Conductor Slashing.
  • Decreased option to proceed.
  • Decrease power interferences and blackouts.
  • No interferences by contact of tree limbs or creepers.
  • Decreased activity and support cost
  • No deficiencies are due to conflicting phase conductors during wind and turbulent circumstances.
  • Better unwavering quality under awful weather patterns like weighty snowfall, breezy or turbulent circumstances
  • Safeguard enormous birds and creatures: Peacocks, Flamingos, Elephants, and so on.
  • Stage to Phase guide distance can be diminished which can decrease the pinnacle-related costs.
  • Unimportant Leakage Current on the surface of the Covered Conductors.
  • The Covered Conductor is self-supporting and can have post ranges of 60 to 70 meters
  • Expanding the power dissemination network dependability.
  • Utilized in troublesome landscapes and thickly populated regions.
  • The lower absolute expense of responsibility for life cycle contrasted with underground links or Areal Bunched Cables.
  • The same passage of an old uncovered above line can be utilized for covered guides.
  • The shaft man length of ABC links is short, as the full link weight should be conveyed by a solitary courier guide.
  • Ideal for establishment in backwoods regions and bird asylums.
  • Less expensive option in contrast to underground links and ABC link

Raychem's Medium Voltage Covered Conductors give compelling answers for forestall the income misfortune because of burglary by direct tapping, tree flaws, and different issues related to exposed above guides.
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